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How everything started?

We have been creating together for over 5 years

From a start-up company founded 5 years ago to our growth into a joint-stock company, our focus has always been to provide our very own high-quality products to the biggest possible audience.



80 000 000+


What makes us one of a kind?

Our scope of work

What distinguishes us from other companies is that all processes from the creation and production of a product to its marketing and distribution are all carried out by us. This closed circle allows control, quality monitoring and continuous process improvement.

Creating brands

Automating processes



What is the structure of the joint stock company?

LaDigue Group

SoftART is the software company that builds LaDigue’s infrastructure and is responsible for optimizing all the processes of production and distribution of our products.

Through custom-built software tailored to specific needs and goals of the team, La Digue manages and monitors all business processes, is responsible for production activity and has full integration with all couriers and fulfillment warehouses.

Axis is our digital agency that focuses on the branding and advertising of our brands. More than 20 specialists with experience in the field are responsible for the presentation of our products in a number of digital platforms.

LaDigue E-commerce is the company responsible for our e-commerce operations. It manages everything from sales to logistics and satisfying all clients’ needs.

Clippers stands for our production base where the creation of our brands takes place. All of our products are developed according to a unique idea and are produced in the company’s laboratories.

For us, success is not a destination, but an endless journey in which we achieve goal after goal.

Nikolay Garabinov

CEO & Board Member

How we did it all?

The key to our success is the team.

Behind all of LaDigue’s success stands an invaluable and dedicated team. Our achievements are the result of joint efforts, and it is precisely our ability to work as one whole, powerful machine that makes things possible. At LaDigue, the human factor is highly valued – we want everyone to feel in the right place, because we only move forward when our interests are mutual.

Success is a continues process, not an end goal

What motivates us to continue to grow are the results. When one goal is achieved, our work is far from done. On the contrary – our biggest challenge starts right there and then. We have to prove that our achievements are not just a coincidence, but a tendency.

We achieve everything together

Having one common goal – continuous growth, is what makes our projects so successful. We know how to celebrate our achievements, but we also know how to stay focused and work constantly to build on what we have achieved so far.

Have an idea that you want us to develop together?