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Why we are unique?

Our scope of work

LaDigue is a company specializing in the complete creation and development of its own online brands. What makes us unique is that we manage all creation, production, information technology, marketing and distribution processes without relying on outsourcing.

For us, success is not a destination, but an endless journey in which we achieve goal after goal.

Nikolay Garabinov

CEO & Board Member


We build
better products

eCommerce innovation

For over five years, we have been developing an artificial intelligence software to navigate all processes related to our business. The software enables the management, analysis and quick launch of any new online product.


One of our biggest advantages is that almost all the products we offer are manufactured in-house. All of our products have no equivalent on the market. This gives us the ability to control the quality, design and their content.

global distribution

Global Distribution

In less than five years, we managed to successfully position our brands in over 50 countries on 4 continents, constantly optimizing all costs related to storage and delivery of our goods. Thanks to our innovative infrastructure, we can deliver our products to the end customer within 24 hours.

Software Development

At the core of it all lays our software company – SoftART. We have been developing online stores, software and websites for over 15 years.

Based on this experience, we have created a unique software that manages all processes in the company – from supplies, production to all financial operations.

software (2)

Digital Marketing

All digital marketing is done by Axis, a company part of the La Digue Holding.

The dream team handles all online strategies and promotions of our products from their planning and creation to their publication in various advertising channels.

Axis currently consists of over 20 great professionals, and the agency has two in-house photo and video studios.

Our advertising channels are: Facebook; Instagram; TikTok; Snapchat; Google Search; Google Shopping; AdExchange; Taboola; Email Marketing; SMS Marketing.

Who are we?

Meet all companies that are a part of La Digue Group



The software company,which builds LaDigue's infrastructure.
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The digital agency responsible for the online presence of our brands.
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LaDigue E-commerce

The company responsible for distribution, logistics and keeping our customers happy.
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All innovative products are based on a unique idea and recipe made in the laboratories of our production company Clippers.
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