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Why choose LaDigue Group

  • Regular office and teambuilding activities
  • Great team composed of young and ambitious individuals
  • Modern office space
  • Free courses and trainings

With us, you will get the opportunity to experience and be involved in every stage of the process of creating, branding and marketing a product.

What is the essence of our success?

The people at
LaDigue Group

LaDigue Group is the place that turns people with talent into people with successful careers. In our team, every single person matters and has the freedom to present their ideas and grow in the field in which they are best. In our company, growth is tangible, and we flourish together. As part of LaDigue, you will get the chance to work with professionals and become one yourself. Be a piece of the puzzle of our success and apply for one of our open positions!


Who are we?

Meet the people who

There are numerous specialists that proudly represent La Digue and are not afraid to think outside the box and strive daily to create a better future.

Our academy offers paid internships in the field of digital marketing and information technology – we turn your interests into a career!

Available positions

With the continuous expansion of our scope of work, we are constantly looking for new, talented people to become a part of our team! Here you will find our current open positions:

Facebook Ads Specialist

Apply for Facebook Ads Specialist at LaDigue Jsc.

Website support assistant

Apply for Website support assistant at LaDigue Jsc.

Facebook Ads Intern

Apply for Facebook Ads Intern at LaDigue Jsc.

Junior Facebook Ads Specialist

Apply for Junior Facebook Ads Specialist at LaDigue Jsc.

Full-stack Developer

Apply for Full-stack Developer at LaDigue Jsc.

Mid-Level PHP Developer

Apply for Mid-Level PHP Developer at LaDigue Jsc.

Front-end developer

Apply for Front-end developer at LaDigue Jsc.