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LaDigue is now in the USA!

Ladigue is launching its new brand glacé in the United States with three exclusive facial sets. Helen, Venus and Aphrodite are the perfect accessories for smooth and beautiful skin, and their biggest advantage is that they can be used at any time!

Behind the philosophy of the brand is silky smooth skin even in the most delicate areas of the face – upper lip, eyebrows and sideburns. The wax is in the form of a piece of candy that you can take anywhere with you, even when traveling. Each set includes a silicone cup in which the wax can be melted in just 5 minutes using a microwave.

Another part of the glacé product assortment are the skin care products, which are offered in the Venus and Aphrodite sets. The face and lip scrubs help boost ladies’ confidence in their appearance, and their fragrance is a therapy for the senses.

Currently, the glacé brand is available exclusively in the United States, but we are in the process of releasing it in the European market as well.